The Unspoken Words has had a facelift!

Dear readers!

I’ve decided to take a new direction with The Unspoken Words. The truth is, I’ve already been headed in that direction. I feel that I’ve succeeded in my first purpose: to shine a flashlight into the abyss of the internet and show others leaving the Message of the Hour that it’s possible to survive after “blaspheming” the “prophet.” Now, there are bigger fish to fry.

I will still talk about the Message, of course, but the Message is small beans compared to the conglomeration that is the Christian Patriarchy Movement. The Message isn’t even distinct from it; it’s a tidal wave that sucks in all sorts of well-meaning Christians hungry for something more to do to please God.

I’ve started to talk about the Big Issues of the movement. About modesty, lust and patriarchy. About abortion and homophobia. More of this is to come. William Branham had his part in all this, but he owned none of it. And my story isn’t just his.

You can find me now here:

The Phoenix and Olive Branch

Let’s get a bird’s eye view, shall we?